End of 2020


Here is to the almost end to 2020.

Read so many comments already, saying 'can not wait to see the back of it' etc. Aside from what is happening in the present with Covid (that is another subject), I hope underneath it all you are all okay and if you are not please reach out to SAP;UK. The others and I are always here to guide you through whatever you are going through in this time.


It is 4 days till Christmas, and if like me you are spending it single, well hats off to you, I feel as though it is a brave thing to do. Especially in this time we are in, isolation is the number one threat right now, but if like me you have placed yourself here then we have nothing to say, we can only sit here gloatfully as we do not need another (writes this whilst talking Raffy).

No kidding, I love being single at this point in my life.


I love this quote, everything you have to endure good or bad is an experience and is part of the shaping of yourself, they are lessons in life. You meet bad people, so you appreciate the good people. You experience sadness, and then right after you experience happiness. Life has to have a yin yang balance in order to progress and become vigilant through lifes challenges, you can't live in your past as you then become a subconscious prisoner of it.

Anything that is not within your sight does not need a subconscious outcome;

I think all round 2020 was a bit of an off year, for me it was anyway with doors from the past still mentally open that needed closing, I kind of just painted over the truth subconsciously to lessen the blow, and to hear myself say that to myself was accomplishing. In this time - the last few days of 2020, i am using self analysis to reflect, i believe a lot of us will be doing this. I figured out why I was still enduring past repetitive pain, (that occurs every so often due to a past trauma i had to endure). When the truth was accepted internally, (I shamefully accepted the truth, as I knew I should have done this much sooner). I took a much longer route of recovery as I masked over the truth and created a somewhat scenario in order to lessen the blow, too much of my surprise it just postponed it. It took deep analysis of the problem in my head to take the control to let go... If you are struggling with something similar – message me, I have a chat service available now I think…

When you are ready sit with and embrace your pain, you need to bring it forward, process it and pick away at its corners, let it hurt you for the last time, it is okay if it knocks you over – you will get back up again. I promise we always do 😊

Anyway, 10 days left of 2020. How will you spend yours?

I will gather my energy and just flow through this one, I think my mind & body has some patching up to do. - Dan, 29.

I think we all deserve to look at 2021 like a fresh year, I will carry on as I always will and you will carry on also, because just like i do, you also deserve to be here;


Thankyou to the new subscribers – I hope I can help you in some way!

New year’s resolutions…

I am generally so healthy and spend so much time outdoors. But I haven't been out so much, so this needs more of forward view, outdoors 2021. And to continue learning Spanish.

I have never fulfilled one to this date and will probably not carry on with both. Let see how motivated I can get, there are so many things going on next year for myself and for SAP;UK.

Also Thankyou to the new subscribers - i hope i can help you in some way!

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