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I think amongst the confusion, impulsiveness and hecticness that is where some of us flourish. Ends must be tied in order for us to push forward, but we need to be at peace amongst the hecticness or it will not flow, we need to find a life balance that makes it at a greater ease for us to tie the loose ends. If you have a negative current life aura, tasks become more of a burden rather than a positive outcome, you could spill a drink on a happy day and it won’t be issue, but spill a drink on a bad day and well you can imagine, I am sure you have been there…

That is my thoughts, but not my practice at the minute, I do believe that I am not the only one who has been prodded with the de-motivation stick, the confusion of everything that is going on has sent a lot of us into this mindset. Although I am slowly producing, I just feel as though I could be doing more, my to-do list is just growing rather than reducing, but i have to compensate that i am a single mother, i am also studying a degree, supporting SAPUK and trying to support my business. Maybe this is also triggering avoidance, we trigger avoidance more commonly when the work load of any form is of a great amount, we may leave the washing up because there is too much, but we can just do a little bit 😊 . Keep in mind to do a task a day if you can't manage them all;

Anyway, I am producing this blog post so I can discuss SAPChat and the 6 – 12-week recovery plan. They are already running and are proving very supportive; Chris is managing them, and we have the best trained team on board! If you are struggling at all with anything call 0300 365 0 727 – it is easy to remember, 0300, 365 days a year, O SAP in digit form.

We have two teams The First Response Team and The Recovery Plan Team, both are trained adequately.

So here is what will happen, I will run you through a scenario. Let’s say you are in distress and are facing the options life or death, you feel lost, and your mind is spinning, your body would trigger the survival instinct were you may talk yourself round, you may also reach out to a friend or family, but let’s say you can’t for any reason, so you remember SAPChat and you call 0300 365 0 727.

All volunteers on The First Response Team that evening will receive your call and one of them will answer. You will be welcomed to the call in a friendly manner, were you can express all that you are feeling (this helps, especially with a stranger), the volunteer on the call will guide you in the correct manner, once you are settled to a safe expectancy, they will ask you to enrol on our 6-12-week recovery plan and over time we won’t be strangers to you, we will become support networks for you to lean on when life gets tough, we can help you grow and help you to see new opportunities throughout our recovery plan.

Based upon my time & experience with SAP, becoming a qualified suicide first aider, the general meeting and observations of people and my own needs, I knew that we weren’t ever going to be a support network if we don’t have some form of structural recovery plan based on each individual, what we have found and practiced over the years is that, a lot of people who have suicidal idealization tend to feel a huge lack of self-worth and mis-direction. We have always been able to pinpoint where people can grow and how they can do it. So, we created the 6-12-week recovery plan.

Upon the recovery plan, which is designed around 6 core weeks, which throughout will focus on healing you and you learning yourself, we will listen and work closely with you so that we can ensure you have the correct support and guidance through this part of your life.

For the first week, we will gain an understanding on what has happened that has brought you to feeling this low, we will talk with you privately and confidentially and we can talk about anything that will help you settle, it is evidently shown and widely supported that talking about anything that has happened helps stabilize mental health problems, and overtime opening this door will prove positive for your future mental health, I believe it is about the seeds you plant now.

The second and third week are about gaging an understanding on your current lifestyle (under recent circumstances we understand that most are lacking a lifestyle with restrictions so don’t be ashamed to have done nothing), we have to learn you to a degree to help you; Once we are both at a good understanding, we can work on how we can move forward, this will also help you as you can learn and understand your triggers, over these few weeks we hope to engage with you and hopefully see you start to pick yourself up.

The last 3 weeks are about gaging a focus and something to work on again with the correct support and guidance. We will help you look at all options that will be beneficial to your future.

The rest of the 6 weeks are the customisable ones, so for instance if a person is lacking self-belief, we will add a self-belief week in, if a person has been bereaved by suicide, we will add a week that caters for this in. It really is a plan that is catered for you, life is tough, and we don’t expect you to be happy and settled throughout out it, but sometimes when we lack happiness for a long period of time, it can cause suicidal tendencies and this is where we come in, we don’t want you to struggle and I know you don’t want to either;

Say hey if you are struggling ✌❤

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Thankyou for taking some time to read my blog, if you are sturggling please don't hesitate to message, or if you have any questions please ask, that is what i am here for! 


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