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Hey guys I am Dan, and this is my blog, from now through life, I will update my blog regularly, if you want to endure - sign up to my email subscriptions, i will take you behind the scenes of my projects in life, my learnt footsteps, my personally perceived footsteps and whatever else i can talk about (requests also welcome - logical ones, i am not into fishing or anything among those line) – I want to help you, and enlighten you, encourage you to be the best you can be. I will talk about personal subjects and recovery roots based on experience and research, as I study my psychology degree, I will discuss within blogs the psychology within the mind, our cognitive process (the way we see things process them and turn them into actions) within our minds and why we do that, and I will talk about self-healing always – this is important.

I have started this blog during the autumn of 2020, under the circumstances of Covid-19... I want to be able to enlighten you with my story. But most of all I want to lower your mental health, with strategies and regular posts through my journey of raising SAPUK along with the rest of the team and my journey on becoming a psychologist, i will push forward anything relevant that i learn.


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“It is okay to struggle, we all struggle sometimes.”

Every person must endure some form of pain throughout their lives, its unavoidable, we fall, break and exist and that is okay, it is okay to struggle, we all struggle sometimes. If anything it helps us to appreciate when we are happy. It takes you down a new path of self-discovery - you awaken just as I have done, within this blog I will talk about different experiences I have overcome, I will talk about self-love and talk about the ways we can unpick our brain process to receive a different outcome. We have the capability to balance our lives and live to make a difference, within ourselves first.


Talk to us at SAPUK if you are struggling.

I and the rest of the team will be regularly posting on SAP;UK and I am going to crack on with my vlog's soon again, I think they are just a little more daunting, one slip up and it can completely throw you off your whole video. I will link my YouTube with this website too soon (I am never organised) so we can easily navigate through to different topics.


Be Your own hero;

Be kind, show off your imperfections, and tell your story.”

I always write, writing gives you a channel to vent and release anything, which is why I have chosen to do this to hopefully help you to be the best you can be. I am still pushing to be a fraction of what I dream, but I am still pursuing being the founder of SAPUK and Fayemous LTD, I am 29 years old, I have been on a path of self-discovery and still have no clue, but I am still doing it, and I want to motivate you, I will have a business area too which I hope will motivate you to start your own.


Be kind, show off your imperfections, and tell your story.


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Thankyou for taking some time to read my blog, if you are sturggling please don't hesitate to message, or if you have any questions please ask, that is what i am here for! 


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